• Mourning Palace!


    Last show together with Ethereal on stage. Thanks for the awesome evening everybody!

  • And there he is!

    Illucinoma - Twan

    We’re happy to present to you our new vocalist: TWAN DRIESSEN! Come see Twan’s first show this saturday (07-02) in the Gebr. De Nobel in Leiden. Welcome aboard son! :)

  • Goodbye Jeff

    Illucinoma - goodbye-jeff

    Our official goodbye from Jeffrey Oonincx last weekend. So long Jeff! You've been simply amazing!

  • Vocalist wanted

    Illucinoma - Vocalist Wanted

    We're officially looking for a new vocalist! We're looking for someone (male or female) with a stage presence, someone that gets our music and prog in general,someone with an open mind and sense of humor. If you're interested please mail us with some basic info about yourself (you can always add vids or mp3s of yourself).

    We only ask 3 things
    1. If you don`t know our music, please check it out online including live material before you get in touch.
    2. Contact us through a FB pm or e-mail. We respect and appreciate every mail or pm. Don't post on our Facebook wall (or mail) videos or recordings of yourself with the title "This is me on vocals, contact me if you're interested". Sorry sir, this is just not serious.
    3. We rehearse near Leiden, if you already know you can't (or don't want to) travel to this area at least once a week please don't get in touch.

    We're still playing live with Jeff (current vocalist) for the coming months.

    Piss and Love,

  • Illucinoma confirmed on Amsterdam Metalfest 2014

    Illucinoma - Amsterdam Metal Fest 2014

    We're confirmed for the coming Amsterdam Metalfest! The fourth of october we'll be sharing the stage in the Sugarfactory with Seita.

  • Hole In The Ground (Band Playthrough)


    And...pop goes the weasel!

  • Dave Meester strikes again!


    Check out this great playthrough of Pickled Punch!

  • Illucinoma plays Heavy uit Haarlem XIII

    Illucinoma - Poster Heavy Uit Haarlem

    June 20 in the Patronaat, Haarlem. Be there!

  • Meet Dave!

    Illucinoma - Poster Meet Dave Tour

    To celebrate the new addition to the Illucinoma team we proudly present: The "Meet Dave Mini-Tour". It also means that we're up and running again so we're available if anybody is interested in booking us. So come on, Meet Dave! :)

  • Dave Meester joins Illucinoma

    Illucinoma - Dave 01

    Ladies and gentleman, after nearly a year and half of searching we're proud to say we have found our 5th member: Dave Meester!

    Dave has exactly what we're looking in a guitar player and band member: he is serious, dedicated and not intimidated by a challenge. Congratulations dude!